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About Afghandost Ltd

Afghandost ltd has been created on 2000, Azizullah Hasam and Ahmad Shah Ahmadi invested and started a small company of importing eggs from Pakistan. On 2002, two new investors (Noorudin Noori and Mohammad Hasan Hasam) started a company and named it (Habib Hasam Business Company Limited), with active team members they have started a big corporation.

Type of the corporation was, importing chicken meat, chicken eggs, calf meat, and alive chicken and halal animal products from different countries of the world. During 2004, Habib Hasam Limited created a large cold storage with capacity of 1500 tons of food by its private investment on country level. The company attracted international companies in short period of time, USA, Iran, Brazil, India and Pakistan. It was able to obtain national and international reputation and expand the business to Tajikistan.

Now we have a new method and having the technical and professional workers took steps toward self-sufficiency. Afghan processing and packaging companies has its presence on producing and business markets. Afghan processing and packaging company prevents importing of chicken meat and eggs, instead it will produce quality products with the lowest prices throughout Afghanistan. Afghandost – Proud of Afghanistan.

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Provides complete Afghan Producted Products.
  • Poultry packing solutions
  • Leading fresh eggs provider